Rizzo the Beagle Writing Assistant

Rizzo the Beagle Writing Assistant


Ghostwriting is real...

Do you have an idea for a book, but just aren't sure how to organize your ideas? How to find the time to start writing? To FINISH writing? 

A ghostwriter might be just the thing. 

When you work with me to write your book, my primary goal is to make sure that this book is truly YOUR book. I have a process that involves the author deeply, while respecting your time restrictions, so that when your book is finished, what you read sounds exactly like you -- your voice, your expertise, your ideas. Just think of me as the translator. 

You won't find any examples of my ghostwriting on my Website (for obvious reasons), but I would be happy to put you in touch with my former clients, if you'd like a reference and, with their permission, send you specific examples. 

EDITING: Maybe you don't want a ghostwriter. Maybe you've got that covered. Except, as a good writer, you already know you need an editor. I'm there for you. Check out this post by Leo Babauta, whose book "Zen Habits: Mastering the Art of Change" I edited in 2015. 

Looking for more information? Email me. I'm happy to discuss pricing, process or anything else you might need to know. 

I worked with Juli Anne Patty while writing my book ‘Rude Biker Chick.’ When I approached Juli Anne my story was a smattering of thoughts with nothing tying them together. Juli Anne helped me organize the writing I had already done into a story structure that made sense. She walked me through the entire process of filling in the gaps until it was a compelling and cohesive novel. She not only encouraged me in my writing but through some rather emotionally painful territory relating to the story topic. She helped me stay authentic and kept me motivated.
Without Juli Anne’s help I would be one of those people who talks about writing a book one day but never completes it. I’m fortunate to have found her and I will be coming back to her with the book I’m writing now.”
— Sash Walker, author of "Rude Biker Chick" and blogger at www.sashmouth.com