Small Business Solution: Why Not Share the Cost of Content?

If you’re a small business, content marketing can help you. It can help customers find you, either through SEO or through strategic guest posting. Once you’ve got them on your Website or social media, (good) content marketing can help establish your expertise and convince customers to take a chance on you. But there’s a problem. If you’re a small business, can you afford content marketing?

Yes, you can. And here’s how.


This isn’t the kind of solution that will work for every small business, but if you are a business that services customers in a particular local area or region, why not reach out to your counterparts in other regions and share content?

Here’s the plan:

1.     Create a network of like-minded partners. Let’s say, for example, you’re a financial advisor specializing in helping people plan for retirement. You work in the Northeast. Choose a few colleagues in other regions who could also benefit from content marketing, too, and be sure they’re ones who share your philosophy and approach.

2.     Hire a writer. You need someone who is skilled at creating a content strategy and architecture—not just writing—because, well, because not having a strategy is a good way to waste your money. It makes your content marketing scattershot and your results difficult to measure. But also, when you’ve got lots of stakeholders, a well-defined strategy is crucial so that everyone can agree on what’s about to take place.

3.     Review content as a committee. Conference calls can be a pain to schedule but at least initially, it’s a good idea to review each piece of content as a committee so that your writer can hear everyone’s feedback and get consensus before moving on. Once you’ve all gotten on the same page and feel comfortable that things are going well, you can review by email.

Isn’t this expensive?

It’s true that while posting to a blog and sharing your posts through social media are free, all of the strategy, planning and creation that goes into content marketing can be expensive. But that, my friends, is why you should share the cost. If four geographically separate, non-competitive small businesses share the cost, then a content marketing strategy that costs $1,000 a month now only costs $250.

Plus, advertising is expensive too, and advertising is ephemeral. You place an ad, and it has a specific run. You invest in content, and you benefit from it forever.

Can content sharing work for you? Shoot me an email and let’s talk it out!