Do Stories Really Sell, Or Does It Just Sound Good?

Humans aren't hippos. Hippos are one of the deadliest of all the animals, and for that reason, it’s okay that their brains are not so formidable. Humans, on the other hand, are weak, thin-skinned, and slow. We have no special super strengths, which is why our brains evolved—thank goodness—to provide us with a special super-power: storytelling. Our storytelling skills help us solve problems, learn from our mistakes, stay alive ... and - it's true - buy things. 

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Stop Wasting Your Money on Content

You publish furiously. You worry about what to publish. You try to be funny. You comment, emoticon and thumbs up, and then you feverishly check back for some sign that something is happening. 

Your content sells nothing.

Sound familiar? 

Stop. Take a breath. And give yourself a break. If you're here, you're probably a business owner or a marketing executive trying to increase awareness and sales of your product, brand or service. You aren't 15. And while teenagers do have brands these days and when this generation is grown, we're going to have some brilliant intuitive brand-builders on board, their "brands" and your brand are very different. That's because your content and your activity on social media, it's meant to inspire a whole different set of actions. 

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